Our 2018 Advisory Board

  • Helen Edmonds
    Manager Water Asset, SA Water

    Helen Edmonds is SA Water’s Manager of Water Assets and has over 20 years’ experience in the utilities and oil and gas sectors.  Helen’s previous roles include, Strategic Asset Management Manager with SA Power Networks and Water Planning Manager for Watercare Services Limited in Auckland.  She has also worked as a consultant in the water and the oil and gas industries in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. With a degree in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Fluid Mechanics, Helen is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia, and both a Chartered Professional Engineer and an Executive Engineer.

  • David Edwards
    Technical Visionary, Horizon Power

    David is the Technical Visionary in the Advanced Micro-grids Development division of Horizon Power, the service provider for regional areas of Western Australia. Providing thought leadership and setting a visionary destination for grid automation and Distributed Energy Resource management in high penetration DER micro-grids using DERMS, forecasting, predictive analytics and machine learning to drive economic development and connect remote communities to a better future.

  • James Eggleston
    Senior Analyst at Power Ledger, and Doctoral Researcher at CUSP Institute, Power Ledger

    James Eggleston is part of the Business Development team at Power Ledger, a Doctoral Researcher at CUSP Institute and a Board Member at the CCWA. At Power Ledger, James works on project implementation of blockchain applications for electricity trading, asset management and asset funding. His ARENA funded Doctoral Research is focused on creating an open source governance framework to unlock apartment buildings nationwide to the benefits of solar PV and battery storage. At the CCWA James brings to the board expertise in strategic planning for smart cities and infrastructure at a policy level.

  • Megan Fisher
    Head of Digital and Innovation, AusNet Services

    Megan is the Head of Digital and Innovation at AusNet Services an energy delivery service business that owns and operates Victoria’s largest network of electricity and gas infrastructure.  She is a product manager from way back and has loads of experience leading and implementing digital innovation and transformational programs that are product, people, process and technology centric. Arriving at AusNet Services from outside the Energy industry Megan has experienced a number of industries in the midst of  transformation and disruption including large industry wide transformations such as media being disrupted by Google and Facebook.

  • Nic Frances Gilley
    Chief Executive Officer, DC Power Co

    Nic is the CEO and Co-Founder of DC Power Co., the world’s first crowd-sourced funded energy retailer that focuses on servicing solar households. A social entrepreneur, marketing campaign specialist and founder of Easy Being Green and Cool nrg; Nic has built companies that have delivered mass market energy efficiency campaigns. Nic is tireless in his pursuit of creating companies that are good for the planet and good for Australians. Nic was awarded an MBE in the UK and a Centenary Medal in Australia for his charitable work.

  • Fabian Le Gay Brereton
    GM Digital & Advisory, ERM Power

    Fabian manages ERM’s portfolio of digital products and advisory services for Energy Solutions. Fabian’s team delivers the digital capability and energy expertise to enable integrated solutions that help Australian businesses improve their energy productivity. Prior to joining ERM, Fabian was the Managing Director and Co-founder of Greensense, which provided a cloud-based energy management software platform that is now part of ERM’s digital portfolio. Fabian has strong interests in energy and sustainability, and design thinking and customer-led innovation. Fabian holds a first-class honours degree in computer science.

  • Wayne Pales
    Author of the The Digital Utility / CEO, The Chapel Group

    Wayne Pales is the author of the bestseller, The Digital Utility, a lecturer at the Asian Institute of Technology and CEO of The Chapel Group.

    Wayne works with energy companies to develop and deliver digital roadmaps that result in benefits to the consumer, the community and its shareholders.

    His subject matter expertise comes from almost twenty years in the utility industry across Australia and Asia-Pacific. In that time, Wayne was recognized as one of the top ten people in smart energy.

    Wayne has led over twenty smart energy initiatives, including Southeast Asia’s first end-to-end smart metering and demand response program, which won a series of awards across the region.

    Based in Melbourne, Australia he is a father, sought after public speaker, and award winning green technology blogger.

  • Jo-Ann Pass
    Head of Digital Operations, Sydney Water

    Jo-Ann has been working in technology for over 20 years in a variety of sectors including oil and gas, finance and government in Australia and internationally before joining Sydney Water in 2013.  As an IT trainer Jo-Ann was inspired to pursue a career in technology experiencing a variety of roles, project and program management, infrastructure, consulting, transformation and digital enablement.

    Jo-Ann’s current role fulfils her desire to work for an organisation that makes a difference to individuals and the community.   Jo-Ann’s passion is to advocate for diversity of thought, to provide environments to enable people to achieve success and to remind us that people are the most powerful resource.

  • Timothy Scholes
    Head of Enterprise Architecture & Digital, ActewAGL

    Tim Scholes has worked in technology for over 15 years. He has a master’s degree in applied mathematics and is currently completing an executive MBA at the University of Sydney. He is a graduate of the Founder Institute in Sydney and has been a mentor to a number of tech startups.

    He founded a technology company in South Africa offering services in the Financial Services and Utilities sectors. The company was acquired. He moved to Australia ten years ago and has worked at Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, Qantas Assure and Versent.

    Tim is experienced in multiple cloud platforms, API integration, microservice architectures, machine learning, AI and blockchain. Currently, his position is Head of Enterprise Architecture and Digital at ActewAGL.

  • Fereidoon Sioshansi
    President, Menlo Energy Economics

    Dr. Sioshansi is President of Menlo Energy Economics, a consulting firm based in San Francisco, California, advising clients on the rapid transformation of the electricity sector and emerging business models.

    He has over 35 years of experience including working at Southern California Edison Company (SCE), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), National Economic Research Associates (NERA), and Henwood Energy, now part of ABB.

    He is the editor and publisher of EEnergy Informer, a monthly newsletter with international circulation.

    Since 2006, he has edited 10 books, the latest titled, Innovation and disruption at the grid’s edge: How distributed energy resources are disrupting the traditional utility business model, was published in 2017.

    His forthcoming volume is tentatively titled “From consumers to nonsumers: How new service innovations are disrupting utility business models”

    He has degrees in Engineering and Economics, including an MS and Ph.D. in Economics from Purdue University.